Animation Jam

in collaboration with the Austin Motion Artists Group

     I had the opportunity over the past year to particpate in two Animation Jams in collaboration with members of the Austin Motion Artists Group. In the spirit of the 48 hour film festival or a hackathon, these short films were created by a small group of animators collaborating over a short period of time.

AnimJam 1: The Crow and the Pitcher
March 7th 2020
        The Crow and the Pitcher was a short film created collaboratively over the course of one weekend by 4 animators and 3 sound designers. I was responsible for the 2D animated elements, including the water and glass.

Design and Animation by Skylar Moran for AnimJam 2.
       The second AnimJam took a different form, with a larger group all working remotely and separately on different sections of a music video. We were given layouts of shapes as frames to start and end on, with the design and animation in between left up to the individual. Each person's contribution was stitched together at the end to create a seamless music video.
Animation Jam 2 - May 2020 Full Video